About Us

Construction & Developers

The company is committed towards managing and constructing various properties including industrial, residential and commercial, we ensure that every project involves latest equipment, superior quality raw materials, well-trained staff and other requested factors. Established in 2002 with a different name. Backed by the best team in the industry, we deliver innovative and excellent results to our clients.

We have undertaken plenty of challenging infrastructure projects ad have executed them in a professional and cost-effective way while maintaining the highest degree of quality standards. We take into account the smallest of details to execute our projects well. Thanks to our core management team, their massive experience, expertise, and vision have helped the organization carve a niche for itself.


We are dedicated to enhancing our consumer’s quality of life with effective solutions and creating a positive impact on society.


‘To be a leader by’ Driving excellence Developing innovative and efficient services & solutions Delivering the best in class quality, consistently


‘To offer varied & unique products & services’ Alkush Group aims to provide a wide spectrum of unique services and solutions with the best talent available. We endeavour to offer complete, best in class solutions and augment our clients’ base.


Alkush Moolmantra are the fundamentals ideologies that guides the Alkush team across hierachies. It shapes our outlook towards our work, our teams, our customer and the Group as a whole

अलकुश मूलमंत्र

अलकुश मूलमंत्र पदानुक्रमों में अलकुश टीम का मार्ग प्रशस्त करती हुई, मौलिक विचारधाराएं है। यही मूलमंत्र हमारे काम, हमारी टीम, हमारे ग्राहक और समूह के प्रति हमारे दृष्टिकोण को, समग्र रूप में आकार देता है।


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